This is an unconscious fiercely independent behaviour you developed in the hope to come off as “more attractive and desirable” to a partner.

Shadow work provides the opportunity to dissolve the once unconscious egocentric aspects of self so that you can be who you truly are and experience the life you truly desire.

There’s a Narcissist AND Empath within every single one of us.
Empathy and Narcissism are coping strategies we developed as children when our emotional needs weren’t being met.

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Stress, disordered eating, being underweight, and too much exercise are the main causes of hypothalamic amenorrhea.

After 18 years of Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.
I was 23 years old the last time my womb shed menstrual blood.
So many years of effort and allowing, questioning and faith.

There’s little awareness or warning when buying vibrators on the effect over stimulating has on the nervous system.

Sexless relationship/marriage is far too common. So many people suffering in silence, too scared to speak up in fear of being “needy”.

Suppressed sexual energy contributes to emotional distress, mental health and psychiatric symptoms.

Exclusive Dating and Committed Relationship are closely related but they’re not the same.