Relationships feel disconnected and cold when we leave people guessing the truth of what we’re up against – we leave them out in the cold.

As you can imagine, this client arrived in a cloud of distress, frustration and uncertainty. Throughout the 90 minute session of conversation and somatic exercise, he was lit with reassurance, empowerment, confidence, curiosity and inspiration.

One very interesting thing that the polyvagal ladder reveals is how our sense of safety and connection are crucial to experiencing pleasure.

I know a thing or two about motivation and discipline, and I’m not just speaking from my experience as a fitness/figure/bodybuilding competitor.

You’ll be equipped with somatic learning and tools to integrate harmonious hormones and transform current relationships to a higher octave, or be empowered to create new ones.

This is an unconscious fiercely independent behaviour you developed in the hope to come off as “more attractive and desirable” to a partner.

Shadow work provides the opportunity to dissolve the once unconscious egocentric aspects of self so that you can be who you truly are and experience the life you truly desire.

There’s a Narcissist AND Empath within every single one of us.
Empathy and Narcissism are coping strategies we developed as children when our emotional needs weren’t being met.