Motivation and Discipline: The Key to Healing and Transformation

Motivation and Discipline

Motivation and discipline are two essential elements in the journey of healing and transformation. While they are often used interchangeably, they are distinct concepts that play different roles in the pursuit of our desired outcomes. Understanding the differences between motivation and discipline helps us capitalize the power of each effectively, and navigate the path of progressive healing and transformation.

Motivation: The Innate Spark

Motivation is the initial spark that ignites our desire to take action. It is the emotional or psychological state that inspires us to set goals and envision our desired future outcome. Motivation can stem from various sources such as, innate knowing that a greater experience is possible, external influences, or a specific painful event. Motivation is the fuel that gets us started on our healing journey.

Motivation is innate and is a feminine quality. Like Mother Nature, our motivation has seasons of change. Motivation can feel high, often triggered by external factors like reading an inspiring article, listening to an uplifting podcast, or simply the excitement of healing, transformation and possibility. Unfortunately, once the initial excitement wears off, motivation tends to decline, leaving us susceptible to procrastination and/or self-doubt.

Discipline: The Sustained Effort

Discipline, on the other hand, is a masculine quality. It’s the unwavering commitment and consistency required to stay on track. It’s the ability to stay with your vision and work diligently, even when the initial motivation is no longer felt so strongly. Discipline involves establishing a routine, setting priorities, and developing habits that keep you progressing forward.

Discipline is what keeps you going to the gym when the enthusiasm from your initial motivation for a body that looks and feels amazing has faded. It’s what ensures you continue taking action, even when procrastination is strong. Discipline provides the structure, ritual and practice that is needed to turn motivation into progress and results.

The Alchemy: How They Work Together

While motivation (feminine) and discipline (masculine) serve different purposes, they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, their alchemy work so wonderfully together.

Motivation kickstarts your healing journey, and it’s essential for setting meaningful goals. However, it’s discipline that keeps you on track when motivation declines. Think of motivation as the wind in your sails; it gets you moving, while discipline is the engine that keeps you moving forward when the wind (motivation) isn’t there.

Practical Tips for Utilizing Motivation and Discipline

  1. **Set Clear Goals**: Start with a clear, well-defined goal. Motivation thrives when there’s an end result in mind.
  2. **Create a Routine**: Establish agreements and a routine that incorporates practices, rituals and exercises needed for progressive healing. Discipline thrives on consistency.
  3. **Break It Down**: Divide your long term healing goal into weeks and days of achievable somatic practices. This makes it easier to stay disciplined and monitor progress.
  4. **Stay Accountable**: Share your goals with a friend, partner, mentor, coach or therapist who can help hold you accountable and inspire you during times of low motivation.
  5. **Reward Yourself**: Celebrate your healing progress and achievements. This boosts motivation and reinforces the benefits of discipline.
  6. **Stay Curious**: Follow sources of inspiration. Surround yourself with people, podcasts, books, or content that fuel your curiosity, motivation and support continuous disciplined action.

Two Personal Stories

I know a thing or two about motivation and discipline, and I’m not just speaking from my experience as a fitness/figure/bodybuilding competitor.

  1. I was someone who experienced pain and discomfort during sexual intimacy. Plant medicines inspired an innate knowing that sexual intimacy is supposed to be one of the most simply beautiful experiences we get to enjoy in a human body. I felt motivated to discover what I was missing. Discovery came through courses and training, integrating this came through discipline, structure and somatic practices. I showed up for myself even when I didn’t feel like it, and in doing so, every single time I experienced progress which lit me with curiosity, motivation and inspiration. My healing journey was far more rapid than I previously thought was possible; I discovered through experience how quickly the nervous system recalibrates with the right somatic tools and practices. If you’re curious to find out more, contact me here.
  2. In my relationship I discovered that libido and sexual desire for our partner is innate and very easily motivated in the initial chapter(s) of the relationship. As the relationship matures, at some point, one or both people experience stress and higher levels of cortisol. When cortisol rises, this causes estrogen to lower in the female body and testosterone to lower in the male body, when this happens libido and innate sexual desire decline. In relationship it’s essential to make agreements in regards to frequency of physical connection and affection, so when motivation isn’t flowing naturally, we utilize structure, ritual, practices and discipline, to continue physically connecting in ways needed to reduce cortisol and increase estrogen and testosterone. Our bodies crave touch and affection, not just sexual penetration. Practicing affection and connection ensures hormonal harmony and helps us maintain our libido and sexual desire for each other – this is essential to vitality, longevity and thriving in all areas of life. For practices, check out my Empowerment for Men & Women – Optimize Hormone Health for Vitality, Longevity, Thriving Intimacy & Relationships Program.

Achieving All That You Desire

Motivation and discipline are two sides of the same coin when it comes to healing, transformation, success and thriving in life. Motivation gets you started and discipline keeps you going when motivation feels low. Understanding how they work together and applying practical strategies, agreements, routines and rituals to work with significantly enhances your chances of success. The next time you feel desire for healing or transformation, remember that motivation lights the way, and discipline ensures that you make it to the finish line.

Kate Alderman & Mike Fielding

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