Love Is Transparency

Love Is Transparency

Transparency creates thriving relationships!

To be intimate requires you being seen.


Relationships feel disconnected and cold when we leave people guessing the truth of what we’re up against – we leave them out in the cold.

Transparency is the way to have a healthy and supportive relationship that is based on unconditional love.

Transparency in a relationship means that we are completely open and vulnerable with each other. We feel safe enough to share our feelings, ideas, thoughts, opinions, desires, faults, flaws, fears and concerns, knowing that our significant other will understand, acknowledge, accept, appreciate and embrace this vulnerability without judgment.

Transparency in intimate relationships enables couples to feel secure enough to share their deepest fears and emotions (both positive and negative), they freely acknowledge their obstacles, mistakes and insecurities with each other willingly, and experience reassurance in doing so.

When we’re open about our truth we experience:

💠Better communication





💠Emotional intimacy

💠Conflict resolution

💠Personal ripening

💠Relationship ripening

💠Strength in union

Like communication, transparency only thrives when it is a two-way street. It requires effort on both sides, because no matter the circumstance – both people are on the same ship together. Regardless of which side is sinking, the whole ship is sinking.

Part of being transparent is releasing the mindset of control and considering our partner’s best interest as important as our own.

All couples, even the happiest ones, have disagreements and arguments. Happier couples acknowledge these as ripening opportunities and share a common intention – connection over self-righteousness.

Desiring a soul mate connection requires you to bare your soul. It’s essential to lean into vulnerability and get comfortable with sharing your truth.

Being transparent in relationship is important for building trust, cultivating acceptance, non-judgmental behaviour, understanding and receiving support. It reduces the potential of miscommunication and conflict. Transparency strengthens union between people and helps us ripen together.