Somatic Sexology & Sexological Bodywork

Somatic Sexology is a form of ‘embodied’, adult sex education and therapy that focuses on body based exercises and experiences.

Sexological Bodyworkers are trained in anatomy, physiology, the brain and nervous system. We are trained in different types of touch and identifying erotic energy, helping people feel it and understand arousal patterns, helping them connect with their body, to feel and integrate sensation.

Those who see a Sexological Bodyworker are people who are experiencing challenge within their sex life, those who have a curiosity to learn and explore, basically anyone singles or couples who want to expand, integrate and embody a higher level of pleasure and orgasmicity, and to have better sex lives overall.

This work is client-directed and a collaborative approach to educate, support and empower people (and couples) to become more aware, attuned, to better understand their bodies, pleasure, sex and their sexuality. Sexological Bodywork is education focused, is aimed at self-empowerment, and we utilise one-way touch, breath, sound and movement during sessions.

Unlike standard counselling or sex therapy, which has a cognitive approach, this work is more practically focused and able to employ touch to demonstrate when required. Clients appreciate that there’s no performance pressure, there’s no agenda, and that they do not touch the Sexological Bodyworker. Hand’s on isn’t right for everyone, there are other ways to do this work without taking clothes off. Consent and boundaries education is provided and we actively create learning environments where clients are empowered to exercise these skills.

Somatic Sex Educators have a strict code of ethics to adhere to and can be read here:

Another aspect of Sexological Bodywork is scar tissue remediation. Scars create adhesions and prevent the flow of blood and energy around the body. This results in lack of sensation, numbness, and/or tightness and discomfort. Scars throughout the genital and anal area can form for a variety of reasons, including childbirth and from experiencing rough or painful sex, or sex without enough lubrication. Many people are unaware of internal adhesions and most are not aware that the lack of sensation is not normal.

Many of us are disconnected from such a vital, pleasurable part of ourselves, carrying shame for numerous societal, cultural and religious reasons, or we’re stuck in patterns and habits that have resulted in boredom and disconnection. Most people have no idea how much pleasure is available to them.

“Pleasure is widely shamed in our culture. It can feel very uncomfortable to choose pleasure consciously, deliberately and mindfully. Many people are much more comfortable enduring unwanted touch than they are in asking for what they want.” – Caffyn Jesse, Empowering Enthusiastic Consent

Here are some of the reasons you might want to see a Somatic Sex Educator:

  • To access more pleasure
  • Increase intimacy skills
  • Painful sex
  • Increase sexual satisfaction
  • Ejaculation difficulty/earliness/choice
  • Erectile difficulty
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Lack of sensation
  • G-Spot exploration
  • Prostate exploration
  • Learn about/explore anus
  • Low desire
  • Mismatch in desire/libido
  • Sexual anatomy
  • Body mapping
  • Taoist Erotic Massage
  • Fertility and conception
  • Anything related to the menstrual cycle
  • Building better skills around consent and personal boundaries
  • Feel more comfortable in your body
  • Understand your or partners body
  • Bring more variety of touch into sex life
  • Learn how to communicate your needs with partner
  • Increase sense of connection with partner
  • Self and/or other pleasure techniques
  • Learn how to have more intense or diverse orgasmic experiences
  • Learn and practice new sexual skills and techniques
  • Information/education
  • Experience arousal in a relaxed state
  • Learn new pathways to arousal and orgasm
  • Re-integration after trauma/big life changes/childbirth
  • Orientation/exploration
  • Learn how to move beyond sexual fantasy
  • Navigating troublesome turn-ons
  • STI info and navigation
  • Virginity, shyness or inexperience
  • Healthier use of porn/education
  • Masturbation/Self Pleasure Coaching
  • Navigating/remediating pelvic pain
  • Scar tissue remediation

These are just some examples of what clients at times want to work on but the list is nearly endless, and I also work with non-sexual, emotional and relational related issues.

If this feels like something you’d like to know more about please email or message to schedule a free 15-minute phone conversation.


0420 400 179


"I would highly recommend taking a leap of faith and let Kate guide you to greater self- discovery. I’m a big believer in body work and Kate is a practitioner who cares about furthering your journey." - AN

"Hi Kate, no need to reply.

I just wanted to say thank you for today. Please feel free share anything I write as a testimonial for your business as I do mean what I am writing.

Thank you for helping me and giving me the confidence to finally tackle an issue that I have been very embarrassed about. You took an embarrassing and a very uncomfortable situation and helped me more in 2 hours than what I have been able to achieve by myself in 6 years.

I did give up believing that nothing could be done. For you it may have been another day in the office, for me it was life changing.

If my ex and I had your help years ago I am confident that you would have been able to save our marriage.

Thank you for your help today. This is the first day in years that I am confident that with your help I will be able to participate in a healthy sexual relationship with a future partner.

Regards and thanks"


"For years I have taken on societal expectations, limitations and the pain of past relationships. Talk therapy has taken me so far but I always found it lacking.

Kate has non-judgmentally guided me in an in-embodied practical way that has helped me relinquish these burdens and put me on a better, happier, more self-fulfilling path, while expanding and showing me what my body is capable of.

I always look forward to our sessions, as I know that I and the people I interact with will greatly benefit from her time and expertise.

I owe you more than just thanks, in this way words will only fail me..."


"Hi Kate,

Results tell me yesterdays session with **(wife)** went very well. We did the “homework” last night and discovered and shared lots.  We then made love twice before going to sleep. I haven’t made love twice in the same night for many many years.

Talk to you next week.



"Such a great experience and knowledgable facilitator. Kate is amazing at what she does, and guides you through every step gently and with ease. Definitely recommend!" - NH

"Kate's expertise, knowledge and skill was exceptional. I left with incredible value." - LB

“Thank you Kate for what you do, it is important work that requires courage. I feel much lighter after our session, less bound up in mental constructs, and feeling more free to enjoy my sexuality without judging it.” - PA

"Kate is an extremely compassionate practitioner who holds herself in the utmost integrity." - JA

"It gives me great pleasure to be writing this testimonial for Kate Alderman and somatic sexology. After one session it has truly changed me for ever. I have resolved a life long fear, and now understand how it came about, I can now move on, which is fantastic. I thought I was a very sexual person, but Kate has shown me how to explode my sexual side with no limits, beyond the stars! As such I now have a new and very enjoyable hobby, which I am looking forward to develop. So please go see Kate, I promise, you will learn so much and have a great time at the same time." JH 57

"Firstly, let me say, WOW is an understatement. Afterwards, I went for a walk with my dog and it seemed to me that I was walking with purpose, just meandering along totally enjoying the world when I was surrounded by a corridor of butterflies, and I thought to myself - This is the best day of my life so far. Thank you, there is a lot more I could say and will when I see you next." MD 55

“I have learnt so much from you. I appreciate your calm and down to earth approach. I admire your courage in taking on this taboo subject and trying to really help people.” CW

"Thanks for the session, I was great for me to move forward, much better than relying on medication. I am thinking it will provide a better connection for me. Thanks again." LP

​“When I first came to see you I was all over the shop. You ignited what was already within me. I feel so much more confident now when connecting with others. I even feel turned on and attracted to myself.” JH

"I felt very comfortable with you, you're very professional." DM

"Thank you that was one of the best healings I've ever had." T

“It was a really big step coming to see you. It was really empowering learning about my body and that touch isn’t always sexual but can be as well. I’m now listening to my body and what it is telling me, what I like and don’t like. It feels like unlearning to relearn about my body and my sexual body. Also I wanted to say thank you for helping me empower myself as a mum and woman to find my sexy again. You helped show me and my husband how to connect and communicate. Thank you for showing me how we can empower and teach our daughter about her body and how to embrace herself, we were never taught about this. It was life changing learning about the four touch elements and how we can use them. The grounding touch was like resetting my body, calming it down. I wish I came to see you earlier!” TM 36

"Kate is a natural and intuitive healer who is able to create an environment to guide you through an emotional journey which allows you to safely explore, learn and experience desire, pleasure and sexual function without fear of judgment or expectations. By exploring the erotic body in Somatic Sexology sessions with Kate I have opened the door to a deeper emotional experience by becoming more aware of what my body and mind needs and wants in a space that is safe to ask. Somatic Sexology sessions with Kate allow you to experience pleasure on a new level. The Somatic Sexology sessions also open the door to connect with other emotions such as fear, love, sadness and curiosity in everyday life. This is because the erotic experience is so powerful and emotive it gives you both the permission and motivation to explore, and engage more deeply across the breadth of the human emotional experience." PT

"Kate made me feel welcome and comfortable from the start. She is a sensitive, dedicated, conscious, beautiful and open-hearted soul. After making me comfortable, she explained how I could request whatever kind of touch my body desired in terms of pressure, speed and location on my body, inviting me to breathe deeply, check-in with myself regularly and communicate my boundaries and needs. I requested alternating hard and soft pressure, first on my back and then on my front. Her touch made me feel deeply nourished and more connected to myself. Once I was very relaxed, I requested erotic touch on and around my yoni or pleasure centre. I felt transported to ecstasy, riding valleys and peaks, yet there was no urgency or going over the edge. Communication was clear and added to the unique experience. Kate’s healing bodywork is a delicious gift, I highly recommend it." KP 52

"Kate's warm and loving energy made me feel at ease. Due to past sexual trauma any kind of work relating to sex causes a lot of anxiety, fear and can trigger ptsd so I tend to avoid it. I’ve been wanting help in this area for so long but didn't feel ready. Although I was quite anxious, she helped me calm down quickly by doing a breathing exercise. She made it clear from the start and through out our session that we were only going to do what my body felt comfortable doing. My session included letting go of shame of being naked (by getting naked in a de-robing ritual), getting up close and personal with my Yoni using a mirror and discussing all the parts with the practitioner (I learned a lot), Yoni mapping and learning what is going on with my internal Yoni pain which I now have tools to heal with a self healing practice I will also be combing with my energy healing. It was such a beautiful experience to be held in a safe, loving, non judgement environment and allowing myself to open up fully on all levels, shedding so much shame and fear. Its changed my life. Thank you sister Kate for holding incredible space for me." TG 38

"Kate is a warm, down to earth practitioner with so much wisdom to share." - LW