Stop Celebrating Needlessness

Not having needs doesn’t make you more attractive. Your partner will soon come to realize that you are a ticking time bomb!

Stop stuffing down your needs and celebrating yourself for not having needs!

This is an unconscious fiercely independent behaviour you developed in the hope to come off as “more attractive and desirable” to a partner.

Truth is, it makes you cold, hard, less attractive and less desirable because your partner then has to waste energy guessing what your needs are. Eventually your unspoken needs won’t be met and you’ll feel burnt out, frustrated, angry, let down, resentful and stressed (high cortisol).

High cortisol =

Lowered testosterone for men

Lowered estrogen for women

Stress not only impacts your health and shortens your life, it dries up the romance, juiciness, passion, desire, affection, libido, polarity and magnetism in relationship.

Having needs is far more attractive than being resentful.

Speak your needs, even when it feels vulnerable. Communication is attractive and essential!

If your partner minimizes your needs or has no interest, they’re either not your person or you have some tougher conversations to initiate.

Genuine people see their partners needs equally important as their own needs – not more than or less than. Equal to their own.

It feels good to meet our partner’s needs.

You are responsible for your happiness.

Your partner can support you in being happier.