Case Study – Sensation Mapping & The Combined Touch Technique

  1. What made you curious about Sexological Bodywork?

The physical element of getting out of your head and into your body. The safety in trusting your body to reveal itself to you consciously.

  1. What work happened during the Sensation Mapping session? What did you notice in your body?

We explored areas of my vulva and vagina. I was surprised that there was no trauma although it did release some deep emotional triggers and long held beliefs. It was a cathartic experience.

  1. How has the Somatic Learning from the session/s continued in your daily life (homework practices)?

I have a greater awareness of how to be vulnerable with a partner and the benefits it brings to deepening my connection. I am exploring more self pl3adre practices guided by Kate’s Self Pleasure Ebook.

  1. What was your learning from the session/s?

I enjoyed being educated on both male and female genitalia and the wheel of consent. How to communicate ones needs, boundaries and allow yourself to give and receive pleasure for greater connection, pleasure, and enjoyment.

  1. Please add anything else you feel is beneficial for others who are considering Sensation Mapping & The Combined Touch Technique and/or working with Kate to know.

I would highly recommend taking a leap of faith and let Kate guide you to greater self-discovery. I’m a big believer in body work and Kate is a practitioner who cares about furthering your journey.