Interdependence eBook

Unlock the Power and Pleasure of Interdependence and Becoming Internally Sourced

This book was created to support the need for a resource for people integrating Interdependence.

After becoming aware of our unconscious and dysfunctional methods of relating, I personally felt challenged and lonely at times. I had the awareness of the impact of Codependence and Independence, it was showing up in all of my past and present relationships, not only with intimate partners but also with family, friends, the community, the collective and even with myself.

What I needed was support with integrating healthy and sustainable ways of relating, and more people in my life who were working towards mastering Interdependence.

My intention is to support you by translating wisdom and research into tools that you can use in your life.

Within my integrity I feel that these tools need to be shared and given to you, so that you feel supported as you experience, discover and integrate, as I continue to integrate as well.

When we can observe others in dysfunctional modes of relating without being emotionally triggered, and when we find love in spaces we hadn’t seen it before, we know we’re transforming.

The potential for more love and freedom within each of us and on a collective level excites and inspires me in sharing.

Codependence, Independence, Interdependence eBook
Codependence Independence Interdependence


“If only we could have learned these skills earlier so we don’t have so much heartbreak from failed relationships. A must read to embody these techniques.” ~ J.D.

“Clear, concise and effective integration tools. Lots of juicy nuggets in there.” ~ L.B.