Integrating your cosmic and earthly self



Tuesday 27th September, 10am-12:30pm

Venue: Old Dairy Hall, Currumbin Eco Village

GUEST SPEAKER Somatic Sexologist Kate Alderman is joining us.

THEME:  Embody the Wheel Of Consent – Give/Receive Take/Allow – with a feminine hormonal perspective.


This is a call to women from all ages and walks of life – maiden, woman, mother and crone – to simply be and sit together in a sacred circle.

An opportunity for women to take time away from the daily routine of doings and tap into simply being; and then listen, reflect and honour all parts of herself – the earthly human and the cosmic divine soul.

With the intention of anchoring a more refined version of the Divine Feminine in our hearts & womb’s, we connect with Mother Earth’s cosmic womb and embrace the empowered and sovereign Woman we are.

Camila will bring different knowledge and practices for us to pray and play together, in a safe space. Everyone is invited to partake on the different 1:1 and/or group dynamics offered, at their own discretion.


  • To activate our hearts desires and dreams.
  • To nurture and heal ourselves and one another.
  • To practice active listening within, without the need of fixing anything or anyone.
  • To embody what acceptance, forgiveness, compassion truly means.
  • To heal judgment, comparison, and competition between women.


This workshop shines a light on what’s missing within dating and relationships to create new levels of understanding, communication and pathways to fulfilling, empowered and Interdependent connection.

In this workshop we’ll explore:

– Embodiment

– Conscious relating and dating

– Full body consent – Enthusiastic “Yes” and “No”

– The importance of Desire

– Embody the Wheel Of Consent – Give/Receive Take/Allow

– Embody the skills needed to express your needs and desires

– Empowered communication

– Understanding yourself and others

– Somatic Practices for meaningful connection

– Somatic Practices to recalibrate relationship dynamics

– Somatic Practices to heal Co-dependency

– How exchanges affect the biology of the body – hormones/health

– Embracing “Flow” and “Structure/Ritual”

This will be a space where talking about sex is welcomed, however, embodied consent and empowerment are not only about sex, and neither are the skills and activities we’ll be working with.

​- Would you like to feel more embodied?

– Would you like to feel more confident and empowered?

– Would you like to feel more relaxed and open?

– Would you like to better understand others and learn ways to confidently communicate your needs, desires and boundaries?

– Are you longing for more meaningful connection?

– Would you like to learn communication and relating skills to take your dating or current relationship to a whole new level?

All of the nourishing Somatic practices and exercises are offered as an invitation and opportunity to explore and learn. Your level of participation is your choice. Embodied consent is a powerful learning and practice.

This is a fully clothed workshop.


As a holistic therapist, I combine my knowledge, experience and intuition, to meet the needs of each individual or group that I work with.

I work with Sacred Cacao as a plant medicine to bring magick to the mundanity of our everyday lives.

My gift to the community is the unique combination of ancient Shamanic, Yogic and Tantric teachings with modern somatic and expressive therapies. With this, I seek to weave new connections and expand consciousness.

Over the last 20 years, I have studied and embodied many teachings and spiritual transmissions from various healing modalities.

Like many on this path, I was initially motivated to heal my own wounds and traumas. Eventually, however, I realised my calling was to offer the wisdom I had gained to others.  Now, I am passionate about welcoming and guiding people through the sacred spaces that I hold.

I strongly believe in the power of authenticity. When I work with you, I give my complete presence combined with all the knowledge from my studies, healings and life experiences.

Self-development has no limits. There is always more room to expand the mind, body and spirit – until our last breath on this Earth!

I am passionate about Psychotherapy, Coaching, Somatics and Embodiment practices, such as dance, Yoga, meditation and Tantra.  Most recently, I’ve been trained in a transformational bodywork called The Alchemy of Touch.

I also love Ceremonial Cacao and Sacred ceremonies and rituals. My work has been to assist others’ growth, transforming their lives through the combination of Cacao ceremony with other healing modalities.


Kate is a Somatic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, ISTA I & II (International School Temple Arts), Master Your Pleasure and Shamanic Womb Graduate, Landmark Graduate, Author and Workshops Facilitator. She has the training and experience to support you in embodying more pleasure and reclaiming sexual empowerment.

Kate is very passionate about helping people reconnect to the power and pleasure of love and intimacy!

Kate offers sex and relationship coaching, embodied therapy and somatic education to individuals, and couples and enjoys facilitating a range of workshops and events.

Kate has presented at retreats and festivals such as Taste Of Love, One World Tantra, Feast, The Edge and Illuminate.

Kate combines many years of experience in fitness, health, healing, breathwork, bodywork, transformation, plant medicines and the shamanic arts to create a unique transmission that inspires, enlivens and awakens. Kate is an engaging speaker with a natural passion for sharing interesting stories, references and rich personal experiences. She loves bridging the gap between spirituality and science by delivering her understanding and wisdom within a practical context that inspires, motivates, and awakens new perspectives.

Kate brings presence, warmth, openness, heart, authenticity and integrity to her work, and welcomes people of all genders, sexualities and relationship preferences.

Kate is a professional member of SSEAA – Somatic Sex Educators Australia www.sseaa.org