Optimize hormone health for vitality, longevity, thriving intimacy and relationships!

This online workshop has been specifically created for men and women who desire health, harmony, longevity, thriving intimacy and relationships. So, if you’re….

Single and still waiting to meet your soulmate to build a forever life with.

Dating and wanting to take the right relationship to a higher level.

Married and longing for graceful communication and deeper intimacy.

Open to new ideas that lead to amazing sex and deeper trust.

This workshop equips you with somatic learning and tools that transform current relationships to a higher octave, or empowers you to create new ones.

All based on research-backed scientific studies on hormones and brain chemistry in men and women, this workshop guides you towards harmonious health, and the higher octave relationships you’ve only dreamed about.

This is for you if:

-You’d like to experience harmonious, inspiring and higher octave relating that empowers you to thrive in all areas of your life!

-You desire to be fully seen, felt, heard and met

-You’re longing for deeper intimacy on all levels

-You desire to experience the ease in relationships you’ve been wanting for years

-You desire science-backed understandings and wisdom

-You desire to deepen your understanding of yourself and partner or future partner

-You desire to feel light, clear, radiant and inspired

-You ready to take responsibility for how you create your life

This online workshop is the essential key to cultivating longevity, experiencing vitality, magnetism and everything you desire in relationship.

This workshop intensive is designed to be transformative — but also fun and playful. Deeper understanding brings innocence and curiosity. Relationship transformation does not have to be boring, complicated, or heavy. Healthy relationships are one of the most rewarding parts of life!

Lovecompassion, and empathy are at the core of this workshop, and this begins with yourself.

We have 2 transformative hours together, where you’ll be empowered to create and reclaim optimal hormone health, vitality, longevity, romance and fulfilment. You’ll walk away feeling confident about how to create the sacred union and higher octave love you’ve only dreamed about.

I look forward to seeing you there because it says you’re ready for more. And you deserve it all!

This is an ONLINE workshop. If you’re unable to join us at the specified time you will receive the recording. If you’re ready for this exclusive opportunity, secure your ticket right now.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Kate…..don’t know how to thankyou….we had an amazing weekend and it’s all down to our session! Thanks very much….you are like a magician!!” B

“I want to say thank you for your great material and courses. They have been truly enlightening!” JS

“Thank you so very much Kate for Saturday. ***** & I got so much out of it! Thank you also for the resources you have emailed through. We so appreciate your expertise and wisdom.” S

“I attended a wonderfully interesting workshop with Kate. Amongst other things, we learnt about the activities that generate different hormones in men and women. It was information I hadn’t heard before, and gave me new insights into myself, my partner and our connection. Kate is a skilled and sensitive facilitator and I really look forward to working with her again!” JD

”Kate thank you SO MUCH for yesterday! ****** & I LOVED it! The safe space you created was beautiful, & the knowledge & wisdom you shared was so incredibly powerful & important. I am SO GRATEFUL that I am finally finding myself in spaces like this to have my eyes opened to such crucial, life changing knowledge.

I am even more profoundly GRATEFUL as a Mum that I got to take my daughter to this space, so she can learn about her body & her heart & life & relationships etc. & connect with & safely open up to other women in this way. It fills my heart with joy to share this wisdom & soul business with her. Thank you Kate, ***** thought you were just the loveliest, & last night she thanked me for taking her to such a special gathering.” S

“Thank you so much for your generosity Kate, wow! These resources are wonderful. I loved your hormone harmony talk on the webinar today too. I’m looking forward to sharing these many gems with my partner.” M

“Hey Kate, we did our homework and I wanted to tell you how much we loved it. It was such an invigorating and empowering experience that really strengthened our trust and connection. It also helped us learn a lot about ourselves and each other that we didn’t know. Thanks so much!” ~ L

“Kate… what a beautiful human being… absolutely unique in so many ways. I had the pleasure to attend 2 workshops facilitated by her and I was truly blown away by her knowledge and approach and just the way she is… authentic, intuitive, natural and so down to earth.. her ability to explain things in a very simple way while maintaining the depth is simply fascinating… trust me you won’t get bored listening to her. I had so many realisations about myself and things that often go unnoticed in our lives or are considered ‘tabu’ just by being in her presence and tuning into her words of wisdom. I would definitely feel comfortable to have 1:1 session with her and I will very likely have one. To find a therapist like Kate is a pure blessing! She is definitely one in a million.” KP

“Thanks so much for today Kate! The relief and support I feel and the knowledge you have given me has give me such renewed confidence within myself, my sensuality and sexuality. I am so much more drawn to feel and trust my body. You and your work is amazing! I can see why it’s your passion! You are liberating and helping so many people. Your work is really needed.” – S.C.

“Kate is a very gentle approachable teacher who, in a quiet way, questions deep assumptions and promotes big changes in the ways we relate. Her Embodied Consent & Empowered Relating workshop is brilliant and desperately needed for teenagers.” MJ

“Wonderful practitioner, incredibly present, generous, articulate, passionate and a major contribution to this field of work. I could not recommend Kate more highly!” BH

“I have learnt so much from you. I appreciate your calm and down to earth approach. I admire your courage in taking on this taboo subject and to really help people.” CW

“Kate’s expertise, knowledge and skill was exceptional. I left with incredible value.” – LB

“Kate is a warm, down to earth practitioner with so much wisdom to share.” – LW

“Thanks Kate! It was lovely to meet you. We had lots to talk about on the way home, we both got a lot from the session thank you. Eager to have a go at some homework for once! Talk soon for our next appointment.” ~ JM

“Hi Kate, I’ve wanted to text much earlier, to thank you very much for Tuesday. I got lots out of it. It was good to speak out loud of things that have only swirled about in my own head for years. Plus, so much of what you talked about has expanded & deepened me in intriguing ways. It’s all very exciting!

It is the perfect time in my life to delve deeper into all this stuff – as I am finally prioritising my own life’s journey outside of being a Mum, & always wanting to give the very best of me to my kids first.

I’ve always worked fiercely to pass as few of my own wounds & hurts down to my children as possible. That has always been my absolute priority.

Thank you again very much Kate.” ~ S