Healthy Pornography

The intention of this post is create awareness and inspire healthy relationships with pornography.

School Sex Education doesn’t cover pleasure and arousal. Kids don’t look up “sex” in the dictionary they look it up online. Teenage brains strengthen heavily used circuits and prune back the unused ones.

Internet porn addiction leads to neurochemical weakness and erectile dysfunction.

The feel good chemicals released within the brain become weak. In the same way chocolate loses its feel good effect if we shovel it into our mouths all day every day. At first, more or stronger might help bring the desired neurochemical release and “high”. In the case of pornography, more or stronger means more aggressive, violent, or confronting. As the pattern of search and reward continues the person becomes more and more numb to real sex and intimacy. The person also might find that other pleasurable situations, activities, foods, stimulants, and life also no longer has a feel good effect.

I’m seeing an increasing number of young men who cannot maintain an erection because they’ve lost their “mojo” from watching mainstream pornography.

If you’re resonating with this, you don’t need pharmaceuticals to regain your power and “mojo”, you need understanding, compassion and new patterns to be curious about. The brain is neuroplastic, which means it has the ability to change as your nervous system encodes new pathways and patterns through somatic experience.

Speak with children about sex as early as possible. Yes it might feel awkward for you, but freezing up and staying silent could be far more detrimental to them.

Shame leads to addiction and addiction leads to more shame.

When someone feels embarrassed about their addiction, they typically avoid seeking help. Admitting that you have a problem takes courage, and this is difficult for people who are constantly trying to outpace feelings of anger toward themselves. This barrier can be broken with awareness, understanding, compassion and forgiveness.

On the other side of shame and addiction is a connected life where you are free to engage with others and be present in the moment without self-judgment.

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