Empowering Vulva Owners

This is only 5 years ago!

We only have to look at history to see why so many vulva owners are disempowered and not experiencing the fullness of pleasure.

Historically female orgasm was only discussed through the lens of reproduction or a partner’s pleasure.

Most people who have been socialised as female have been taught to put everyone else before themselves and not have an opinion. This shows up everywhere in life, especially within intimacy.

So it’s okay to admit that you don’t have a great sex life.

It might even be “okay”….. 😕

But there’s something deep inside you that’s longing to feel so much safety that you can be cracked wide open! 🥰

When your business needs support you get a business coach or mentor.

When your health needs support you see a health professional, practitioner, or personal trainer.

When you’re not sexually empowered and/or your intimate relationship isn’t thriving, seek support from a Sexological Bodyworker or Somatic Sexologist.

It doesn’t have to be me but it could be. Find someone you resonate with and desire to learn from.


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