Orgasm & Pleasure are Essential to Health & Wellbeing

Research has shown that orgasm is linked to better memory and brain function, reducing stress, curbing appetite, boosting hormone levels, a stronger immune system, enhancing sleep, and heightening one’s sense of smell.

In 2005, urologist Helen O’Connell was the first scientist to map the full structure of the clitoris using MRI scans and living subjects.
Most of us vulva owners were fully grown adults when our pleasure organ was fully acknowledged by scientists.
Learning about our bodies and pleasure is something we’ve done for ourselves. It’s no wonder so many vulva owners have no idea how much pleasure is available to them in their human body.
This is one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about sharing this work.
I’m your sister and friend, I’ve had the opportunity to work this out for myself, and I have the training and experience to share this with you.