Sexual Empowerment = Empowered Living

Ten years ago I had no idea that connecting to my sexuality meant empowerment. Now out of my own transformation I empower others with somatic learning to liberate them and help them feel confident and connected within their body, relationships and intimacy. It is essential for empowered living!

Growing up in a rural community, I was taught to be nice and hardworking. My parents rarely mentioned anything related to intimacy and sexuality, these topics felt awkward and taboo.

When I first became sexually active I tended to hold back my expression and focused on what others liked and disliked. I got to know what others desired but I didn’t pay much attention to my needs and desires. I felt it was “normal” to put others needs first, yet deep inside I was longing for a deeper connection. Sexual intimacy was often painful and uncomfortable for me. I thought there was something wrong with me. I was too busy people pleasing and wasn’t confident in expressing myself. I couldn’t find the language I needed to speak up and express my needs and desires. I was scared of what they might think of me.

There were times when alcohol or recreational drugs helped me become more relaxed and expressed during sexual intimacy, but I didn’t have a clear idea how to enrich and deepen intimacy. Some boyfriends were more intuitive than others, but relying on others intuition wasn’t helpful, especially in new relationships. It all became too frustrating and disappointing.

I became celibate for a number of years while I busied and distracted myself with bodybuilding and figure competitions. My gut feeling was that sexual intimacy could be more nourishing. I felt a deep inner knowing that sexual intimacy was supposed to be one of the most beautiful and naturally orgasmic experiences we get to enjoy in a human body, there must be more to it, there must be something missing, there must be something I’m not getting.

What motivated me to connect with my body, sensuality and sexuality, was plant medicines. I realised that the discomfort and pain I was experiencing during sexual intimacy was not normal, and this disempowerment and ignorance was affecting other areas of my life. I didn’t need more insight, I needed somatic learning, experiencing and healing to unlearn old patterns and explore new patterns and pathways with confidence.

The journey started with a Sexual Shamanic Initiation with International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) Level One then Level Two, I then assisted Level One in Goa, India, and participated in Master Your Pleasure with Elaine Yonge. Soon after a Shamanic Womb Journey with Janine Ma-Ree and then full-time studying Somatic Sexology and a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork with the International Institute of Somatic Sexology (IISS).

I have discovered a level of embodiment, empowerment and pleasure beyond my minds imagination. My journey has continued not only because what I’m discovering is healing and expanding me as person, transforming how I was showing up for myself and in the world, but also because I feel an inner knowing and heartfelt sadness, that due to taboo and lack of education, most people on the planet are disempowered, and most have no idea how much pleasure is available to us in a human body. My soul is lit with passion and desire to continue sharing.

Suffering is not needed to heal towards a larger more luscious experience of life. However, discomfort can offer such a loving embrace that we beg for more with the knowing that what we desire is just on the other side of exploring our vulnerabilities. When this is accepted we no longer hold ourselves back, we’re free to love how we desire to love, live how we desire to live, and engage with the embrace of life with more avidity than ever before. The soul froths with such anticipation of freedom and fills our heart with such warm love we’re urged to let go. This is about listening to the truth of your body and allowing your soul to throb with aliveness, making that more important than any fear of the mind.

Empowered living is available to us all through exploring the aspects of our lives where we are feeling disempowered or vulnerable. Sexual empowerment through exploring vulnerability is only possibly when we have absolute body integrity.

Knowing and trusting my body, sensuality and sexuality enables me to enjoy and express myself, and live like never before! Sex, intimacy and relationships are like creating a beautiful playful dance together with another. When we’re empowered ALL of life becomes a whole lot more satisfying and fulfilling!

Now as a Somatic Sexologist, Sexological Bodyworker, Intimacy and Relationships Coach, I work with male bodies, female bodies, couples, and I enjoy presenting a variety of workshops to groups of people, to support and empower them. My soul is lit with joy when clients claim their power through connecting with their body, sensuality, sexuality, love and pleasure.

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