The Impact Of Pornography

A 2017 study of Pornhub’s most-viewed videos found that female participants were portrayed reaching orgasm just 18.3% of the time.

They observed that the majority of the “orgasms” were signalled by exaggerated facial expressions and vocalisations and did not appear to involve clitoral stimulation.

The study concluded that mainstream pornography promotes and perpetuates unrealistic expectations regarding female sexuality and orgasm.

The vast majority of vulva owners cannot orgasm from penetration alone.

This is like expecting a penis owner to orgasm from only having their testicles played with. It might feel nice but it’s generally not enough stimulation to generate an orgasm.

When clitoral stimulation is combined with penetration now we’re on the right path to pleasure fulfilment and climatic ecstasy.

Stop copying pornstars and get comfortable with communicating during intimacy. You don’t know everything. We never fully know ourselves let alone other people.

And vulva owners, it’s unfair to expect your partner to just know your body or intuit your needs and desires. Get to know your own body through self pleasure exploration and get comfortable with expressing your needs and desires.

As a Somatic Sexologist and Sexological Bodyworker, I help clients practice expressing their body’s needs and desires without guilt or shame.

Asking for what we desire comes with the assumption that we deserve it. There’s no wonder people get stuck when it comes to expressing their desires.

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