Sexually Empowered Vs Sexually Promiscuous

Often when people realise that I’m a Sexologist they assume that I’m sexually open, overt and promiscuous.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I much prefer meaningful intimacy and quality over quantity.

I’m very selective about who I share all of myself with. I enjoy getting to know people, becoming friends and allowing life to unfold in its natural way. No goal and no agenda other than to follow my joy and appreciate whatever this brings.

This has become even more evident as I’ve become sexually empowered.

The first time I connected with plant medicines in Peru it became very clear to me that sharing sexually intimacy with someone is a huge exchange of being. I remember coming across this quote soon after.

“Do not engage sexually with anyone you wouldn’t want to be.”

Upon reflection I could see where at times I had previously outsourced, seeking to avoid feelings of loneliness, and attempting to find love and validation through another. This outsourcing never worked.

As I began to love all of myself and accept myself fully, I began to meet others who had equally chosen the path of becoming internally sourced.

The false self enjoys feeling needed by another to begin with, however eventually gets worn out from the effort that’s required in meeting this need.

I love how life brings us the exact person we need for each phase of our evolution. Through resonance and polarity we are aligned with the people and experiences we need to have to integrate wholeness.