Sexual and Spiritual

We can’t get more spiritual by shutting down our sexual, and we can’t get more sexual by shutting down our spiritual.

When we close off in one area of life this affects all other areas of our life.

We are sexual beings and sexual energy is creative energy. Our sexual energy is relentless and demands expression. Sexual energy can be creative or deconstructive depending on what we’re doing, or not doing with it.

Suppressed sexual energy can manifest itself as addictive behaviours, compulsive tendencies and psychiatric symptoms. When we suppress our sexual energy it causes feelings of disempowerment, insecurity, loss of control, disconnection and despair. All of which create duality and separation.

When we’re expressing our sexual energy in healthy ways through self-pleasure or sharing intimacy with or a lover/partner, we feel outgoing, confident, optimistic, attractive, connected, regulated, grounded, alive and in flow with life.

The questions to ask yourself are:

“What am I avoiding?”

“Why am I avoiding it?”

“What is it costing me?”

Living the fullness of life involves embodying the full spectrum of being from primal and sexual to spirit and energy.

Ascension and connecting with spirit inspires de-scension into the primal, the human body, and from there we can further evolve. Embodiment is the highest understanding.

My connection with spirit had me realise the importance of embodying my primal needs, humanness and shadow. When my inner life is embodied and expressed rather than closed off, hidden and isolated, this creates relatability, a language that feels familiar, and liberates others by giving them permission to do the same. Embodying the full spectrum of living, especially my humanness, creates and broadens the community around me and gives more people the opportunity to connect with me.