How are we supposed to have healthy sex lives if we’re not taught how to communicate about sex and intimacy?

How are we supposed to have healthy sex lives if we’re not taught how to communicate about sex and intimacy?

If you have a piece of IKEA furniture to put together with your partner, but you’re not communicating with each other, what chance does that piece of furniture have in going together successfully?

How different would it be if you were communicating?

If you need to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances to feel comfortable speaking about intimacy or sex related topics, this is a sign that you’re not empowered or embodied.

If this is you, you’re most likely continuing to attract people who aren’t ticking your boxes and you’re not feeling met in relationship.

There’s no shame. During our developmental years sex and intimacy was something most of us were taught to be silent about, yet the moment we become sexually active we’re expected to just automatically be an expert. How is anyone supposed to just be sexually empowered without having had the opportunity to practice the skills and conversations?

I’ve been there too, and maybe you’re doing what I did, putting it aside thinking that it doesn’t matter. But every time I connected with someone and things would become more intimate, I would feel disconnected, disempowered and misunderstood. I was hoping that one day I’d meet the right person who would just be so aligned and intuitively know my body, my needs, and my desires without me having to say a word…. What a load of BS!

Truth is, I didn’t start meeting people who were more aligned with me until I became sexually empowered through practicing embodied consent and communicating my needs and desires.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share these somatic practices, processes and education with others.

Once you’ve got this you will be sexually empowered. It’ll change who you are for yourself, the type of relationships and types of people you attract, and how you show up in the world.

Now you can see why I’m so passionate about sharing all I have discovered and especially making this available to teenagers.

Nearly every client I work with expresses that they wish they had learnt these skills as a teenager, and those who have teenagers want this embodied learning to be available in School Sex Education. I agree 100%!

It’s available here and now to anyone 13+ years of age – single, dating or in relationship.


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