Erectile Dysfunction or Performance Anxiety?

Not always, but in many cases, people in male bodies believe, “it’s broken”, when often the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is performance anxiety.

The mind is over occupied and the nervous system is frozen in fear of inadequacy, and of not being able to perform in the way they’ve been led to believe is most desirable.

People are craving touch and affection not just the culturally assumed hard, fast and intense.

Once identified new pathways of relaxation can be explored, slowing the fuck down, and enjoying touch for the sake of pleasure, however it may look.

Having the ability to slow down, breathe, let go, relax and open is what allows presence on all levels of body, mind and emotions.

Intimacy includes far more than the primal instinct to ravish or be ravished by. Intimacy also includes sensuous play, inviting in more and more pleasure while gradually edging towards climatic ecstasy.

The ability to navigate the full spectrum of arousal and valuing the sensual subtle spaces as much as the intensity and peaks is what’s needed to enjoy the fullness of intimacy. This is essential for all people, not just those in male bodies.

When “nothing has to happen” is embodied – innocence, curiosity, pleasure, circulation, arousal and confidence return.