Breast Implant Illness Awareness

Breast Implant Illness Awareness Day – 13th February

I had breast implants for 11 years. I had no idea they were making me unwell. I had many unexplained symptoms and I was trying to work it all out with nutrition, exercise, rest, yoga, mindfulness, detoxing, plant medicines, kambo, and a healthy lifestyle.

When the PIP implants I had were recalled 6 years ago I was not notified.

There’s a total lack of monitoring of medical devices, no traceability is organised.

The authorities are unable to know the number of patients implanted with any medical device whatsoever, and even less to contact the persons concerned in the event of a failure.

Many women with implants are still unaware that they have prostheses in their bodies that present major risks.

ALL implants are toxic not just PIP. The immune system fights what shouldn’t be in the body and this creates dysfunction for all other organs, systems and functions.

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